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Thirty Days To Go!


Can you believe that the November election is only thirty days away?

As we move into the home stretch of the season, let me start by thanking everyone for the tremendous amount of support and encouragement offered to me. You cannot know how much I appreciate it! I am working very hard to be deserving of your support.

A handful of quick updates:

  • Over the last two weeks we sent out a campaign to the Litchfield Hills Probate District. The feedback I've received about it has been terrific! I believe that it succinctly and effectively makes the case for what I can offer the community as Judge of Probate.

  • Area residents have put up a huge number of yard signs in support of the campaign. Thank you to everyone who has asked for one! I was shocked by how many people picked up from my office the day after they arrived. There are some a few dozen that have not been spoken for, so if anyone still needs one, let me know or stop by.

  • In the next few weeks, we have a lot of fun events planned! All of this information will be distributed here and on the facebook page at (which is updated much more frequently than this website!)

Please consider sharing this website and the facebook page with your friends and relatives. I sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon!



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