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Last Day Before the Election!


Can you believe the election is TOMORROW?

Please remember to get out and vote! Every vote counts and this election is going to be very close!

I appreciate all the support that you have given me for the past few months and doubly appreciate your support during the next forty eight hours!

Beyond voting tomorrow - which is critically important right now! - please consider sharing the messages posted to facebook (, the campaign website (, and talking to anyone about how important the Probate Court is and why Jordan Richards is the best candidate for the position. Every little bit counts right now!

Our campaign has gone extremely well! We have a lot of great energy and momentum right now. As someone who has waived a lot of signs, knocked on a lot of doors, and talked to a LOT of people for the past few weeks, let me tell you that we can certainly win this race. Let's keep up the great energy for the next two days and finish strong!

My best to everyone and thank you again for your support!



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